10 mars 2015

Fuzzy mindset tuesday

3 months is a long time in some perspectives and in other, it is simply a drop in the ocean.  Back in high school this period of time was the absolute longest and most unexciting months ever.  Who knew that this year would turn out to be the exact opposite?

As I repeatedly been writing and proving is that life here is astonishing, I really do want to point it out once again. I do appreciate every second that passes by, and I have finally managed to enjoy time, in the actual moment, and not in the future nor in the past. 

I admire every one of these amazing people and family members I meet.  I'm realizing how everyone makes an impact on my life. Meeting people, learning from then and hopefully leaving something valuable in return.

The adventure has reached a point where time passes rapidly, just too fast to handle. However I believe that this adventure will never spiritualty be over. The things I learn and adapt over here will constantly be present, wherever I end up.

A quick fuzzy summary of my mindset at the moment, since this blog really was in an urgent need of an update!
Go ahead and enjoy some of these captured moments of the most inspiring people!

Stay tuned, Total Makeover á la Balinese style coming up!

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