18 jan. 2015

January 18

Officaly crossed the one week line, in Tianyar, Yayasan the tiny, but oh so gorgeous, balinese village. 

 I am in this very moment of life, living together with a whole generation. Sharing kitchen,livingrooms and garden with all the family members as of the dogs,hens,ducks and cats.  I am waking up to the roosters 7 o\'clock crow, just like in the movies. Getting served local wonderful dishes from the greatest cook there is, putting on the comfiest (but sweaty) cloths you have and geting ready for your morning class which you teach a few meters from where you sleep. You havn\'t really woken up yet, but you  definitely get wide awake as soon as you see the happy and excited students, students who are thirsting for knowledge. You are so caught up in the moment, and suddenly the first class is already over. 
Togther with some more planning comes lunch, a balineese lunch that certainly is needed, since the afternoons contain teaching kindergarteners. And as for balineese kids, the energi that theese little munchkins have, nerver ends... 
Two hours and a bucket of sweat Later, the lesson is finished, and there is plenty of both space and time to simply enjoy the evenings with all of the other, sometimes up to 100 school kids . So really there is no other option than to get your ass out on the field and go bananas, with some basketball,fotball or some playing by the fisherman's boat on the beach.
Once every class is finished the kids start to re-group and eventually the silent hits Yayasun and a more peaceful evening starts, if of course, Montsi doesn't continue with her street dance lessons! Otherwise, the evenings here are very peaceful.
This was simply a typical day at this stage of my life, and even though you basicly know what the plans look like every day, there is always, always suprises.
I am trying to taking one day at the time over here, while im constantly struggeling with pushing my future thoughts aside. Because theese moments will never come again, and thats why you should really learn to live in the moment, and appreciate time as it comes.
Note to self.

I have officially passed my one week mark, and now I have to continue to adapt and get used to this new, exciting and extraordinary life.

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  1. ha ha munchkins :) just found your blog. gonna follow your trip :) Nicole says hi.