26 jan. 2015

Mount Batur

Take off, 01.00 am. No use in sleeping tonight!
 After one and a half hour car ride throughout a night black jungle on something that was supposed to be a road, we arrived at our guids place where we casually got some banana pancakes as “breakfast”. All of a sudden, 30 minutes later, we was actually standing on the very bottom of this 1717 meters high, well-known volcano Mount Batur, extremely motivated to make it all the way to the top before sunset.

 Our hike began around 3.00 am, a hike like no other. With a flashlight balanced in our hands, we hiked on a narrow path behind our kindly guide. One moment stumbling over the volcano rocks, and the other sliding backwards in the black sand, as our guide advised us to run instead, to prevent sliding…
(Perhaps easy for someone who has been climbing this volcano every night for the past two years…. but it turned out to be a successful technique actually!)

It took its time, but sweaty and eager to see the view, we made it all the way to the top, even with some time to spear.
 Our guide came with breakfast number two, banana sandwich and an egg boiled in the hot springs of the volcano(!) and we started to see the sun hiding, behind the other massive volcanos facing Mount Batur. ( The highest, Mount Agun and Mount Abang.)  

  It was time for our reward! We were happy and fulfilled, as the sun started its journey. Even though all the clouds tried to trick us, the sunrise turned out not just as a typical magical sunrise, but with some Sci-fi clouds, which made an exceptionally fascinating effect.  

I will let the photos speak for the rest of this magnificent yet exhausting day! And to mention that if the hike uphill was a challenge, it’s nothing compared to the way down. Literally sandboard skating on my sore feet, while trying to keep both me and by cameras in balance…
But hey, what does some scratches and painful legs matter when you can say, climbing a Volcano.
 – Check.  

Next post I will really try to summarize a Balinese wedding which we we attended today! Stay tuned!

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  1. Wow vilka foton Lova! Det är så spännande och roligt att följa din blogg och få läsa om dina äventyr! Minnen för livet. Många kramar Anna Axel Gustav Hedda och en extra hård kram från Stina :)